life on marx: ‘Siomkava’ EP (2020)

life on marx is a project by Batumi-based Belarusian musician, composer, and record producer Dmitri Koteshov. He has released albums across varied genres, including psychedelic rock, indie, ambient, and improv. Dmitri is also known for his involvement in several Belarusian bands as a songwriter and guitarist. Siomkava is an ambient guitar-driven tribute to the people and nature of Belarus.

Nadnioman’s layered and looping guitar-work conjures up the tranquility that one feels when Winter has suddenly ended and it is the first warm Spring day of the year. A lovely field recording of chirping birds helps to give it this Springtime atmosphere. Belagruda is marked by its percussion, which quickly fades in, having a longer decay time to complement the guitar’s reverb. Gatava is a brooding and uneasy change from what has so far been a very dreamy and luscious listen. An eery and distorted string-timbre quietly despairs as the percussive pulsating of a heartbeat instills a sense of the ominous. A random electronic beeping and a building wall of feedback gives way to a roadside field recording. The title track opens with Spring rain and distant thundering, which continues as the guitar comes in along with atmospheric noise that could be the guitar’s reverb stacking up or maybe a synth or pedal was used to achieve the effect – regardless, it’s a beautiful, calming song and my personal favourite.

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