The Light Programme: ‘U.F.O’ Single (2022)

The Light Programme’s latest single, ‘U.F.O,’ is a delicious blend of psychedelic pop-rock. Joe Smith’s soft-warm, talkatively-quick vocal delivery in the verses is complemented by his slightly more drawn out delivery in the chorus, ‘I’m taking a ride on a UFO /Been looking around and it’s time to go / This place is nuts if you’re in the know / You better get out before the planet blows,’ which is the closest he comes to outright singing, but this is not to imply that there is a lack of melody. The melody is subtle and emerges over the span of whole lines of verse rather than over each individual word.

Joe Smith

Egg shakers lay down a light backbone on which rhythmic guitars steadily groove away. Drums follow the guitars lead, accentuating the strumming patterns and rhythmic shifts. An adroit guitar solo comes in at 1:48 starting off a solid 40 second instrumental interlude. There’s a hint of something alien in the sound of the guitar at 2:22, which brings to mind a picture of a beam of light emanating down from a U.F.O to gravitate its prey up from off the Earth and into the U.F.O’s warm underbelly. Vanessa Henderson’s lovely vocal harmonies are just right, neither overdone or underdone, and blend smoothly with Smith’s voice.

The full story of how U.F.O took almost two years to record is documented in-depth here:

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