Marcus Valance: You’re Not Alone (2023) Single

Valance’s new tender and inspirational folk-pop song opens with the pained questions, ‘Are you all alone tonight? Have you lost the will to fight?’ Of the songs backstory Valance says, ‘I volunteered on the island of Kos helping refugees as they crossed the Aegean Sea from Turkey and so saw first hand the desperation of people and this song simply represents their stories and their journeys.’ The uplifting refrains of ‘There’s a light’ and ‘Not alone’ get at the encouraging heart of the song. The instrumental intro and outro allow the music to naturally fade in before Valance’s singing starts and then to ease off as the song fades out. Its comforting theme lets the listener feel a little less alone. Aficionados of Vance Joy and his ilk will certainly enjoy this new single from Valance.

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