Vince Chinaski: ‘Eat Your Peas!’ (2023) Single

Before settling down in Copenhagen, Vince Chinaski spent a number of years in Berlin honing his writing and producing while thoroughly touring Europe with bands like The Innits, The Man No. 9, and Division Kent. The dense arrangement of ‘Eat Your Peas!’ blends indie and art-rock elements, and explores the tragicomic nature of the state of mind of fatherhood. Chinaski says, ‘Beyond the maddening contradictions and the contrasting feelings there’s love. A lot of it. Between the lines a wider universal spin develops…Raising kids is full of paradoxes and that’s possibly the beauty of it, even if it’s exasperating. You want to protect them while they’re growing up but no matter what you say the children eventually go their own way. They’ll make mistakes and you have to pick up the pieces…Then one day these little persons say or do something extraordinary that makes you realize how wonderfully they have developed, in ways you couldn’t have imagined.’

The wide-ranging instrumentation, from the brass horns to electric guitar to percussion to keyboards to synths, comes and goes seamlessly and provides many pleasant surprises, while Chinaski’s vocals remind me of David Bowie at times. Alternative at its core, cinematic on the fringe, folk in between: Eat Your Peas! is a highly thoughtful and considerate song. The first and third verses are equally upbeat and danceable, while the second and fourth verses really slow things down and strip back the instrumentation to emphasize Chinaski’s voice, ‘I shrunk into a grain of sand / So that I can leave you all the space to expand / I swallow up the noise / For you to have a voice.’ The spacious and light verses that precede the chorus heighten the effect that the chorus does have when it rushes in so that it’ll have you dancing and singing along in no time!

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