The Case: After You (2022)

The Case are a Romanian, Timisoara-based alternative garage-rock band who’ve collaborated with Italian producer Enrico Tiberi on three songs, the latest of which to be released is ‘After You’. The Case wanted a heavier sound and Tiberi, having previous experience with hardcore metal bands, brought exactly that.

Passionate lyrics describe an intimate relationship gone sour, ‘In the middle of nowhere / With the sun in her eyes / The love of my life / Isn’t really sober’. The vocalist’s powerful voice is full of a raw emotion and gravelly honestness that, despite the differences, recalls Bono. Beautiful piano arpeggios accompany the verses, but when it comes to the chorus things are initially quieted down to allow for a dramatic build up into the heavy interlude of thrashing guitars that evoke the ominously preceding line: ‘The silence and the darkness found us both now it’s just you’.

After You has a filled-out, loud, and headbanging sound that soars with conviction. It’s impressive on all fronts: structurally, lyrically, musically, and the hi-fi production allows for The Case’s focused intensity to shine through without the slightest distraction.

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