Jonathan: “Spirit Killers” Single (2022)

Jonathan released their single “Spirit Killers” on November 1, 2022. Spirit Killers includes downtempo, dream/alt. pop, electronica, and rock elements – sounds in the vein of Beck, Gorillaz, and Mac DeMarco.

The arrangement is held together by a very catchy, constant beat supplemented by a melancholic piano that brightens up when the singing starts, “Spirit killers, I know you’re all the same / Spirit killers, you don’t even know my name”. At 1:10 and 2:20 there’s a sweet distorted guitar that imitates the vocal melody. Jonathan talk-sings similar to Beck on, for example, “Lost Cause” and “Lonesome Tears.” It sounds lo-fi at times, but intentionally so, and in no way does that detract from the songs effectiveness. It’s an extremely enjoyable listen! And if you like Spirit Killers then be sure to listen to Jonathan’s other music. He’s an enormously talented and versatile artist.

You can stream Spirit Killers by Jonathan on YouTube + Spotify:

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