Franc O’cher: “So” Single (2022)

Franc O’cher is a Canadian singer-songwriter based out of New Brunswick. He has released four singles in 2022 with “So” being the most recent. It’s a sad, pop guitar ballade, having a heavy lyrical emphasis; lyrics which are melancholy but ultimately hopeful. A sparse backing piano comes and goes throughout, harmonically supporting the beautiful guitar accompaniment.

O’cher wrote that this song is about his step-daughter, who moved out to live with her biological father. This song expresses the pain and broken-heartedness of coming to terms with his loss.

In the first verse O’cher sings,
“How can I breathe a little more? How can I spend the day ashore?
I’m drowning in these thoughts.
How could I push you away? How did you want to getaway?
Was I so much wrong for you to runaway?”

One can immediately hear in O’cher’s emotional vocal performance just how deeply heartfelt and personal So is. Anyone who has lost a loved one and hoped to be reunited with them will be able to relate to this song.

If you like So then be sure to listen to O’cher’s other music! His upbeat song “Golden City” is excellent and there’s something about it that rings of Patti Smith.

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